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Fences Demo


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released March 30, 2012

Our first demo, released to Floodlight Records.



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GLAZED Florida

A 4-piece Alternative band from Jacksonville. FFO Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day, The Early November, and Dashboard Confessional.


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Track Name: Fenced In
I'm growing away from what you expected
Did you expect me to lie with regret and
I've seen the way you shake your head
I'll keep it close until I'm dead

But until then, I'll stay here fenced in

Maybe I just got left with the cold
Maybe I’m fenced in here all alone
We are just kids scared of the unknown
Guess I should've done as I was told

But until then, I'll stay here fenced in

But until then, I’ll be in pieces.
Track Name: Only
I’ve been wasting it all away
Week by week, day by day
Everything looks better in retrospect
I don't expect it to change

What’s with your boyfriend the way that you stare
Those eyes of stone won’t block any tears
The difference now is that I have learned how
to let the months become years

This calendar reminds me that
I’m that much closer to finding myself
Her city sleeps beneath feet,
Fall into me

Keep me in mind
I’m sick of trying
Im torn between my own instincts
I’ll need more time.
Track Name: Jumping Fences
I've sunk so low
My heads glued to the floor
and I've got no place else to go
But I'm waiting for Someone to save me
What happened to you
What happened to me
These fences they come in between
But I'm learning to land on my two feet

The air that I exhale is always cold
The cracks that still exist in my soul burn
Your voicemails depress me
Your voice still caresses me
I won't care, I don't care if you’re well

So ill stay away and I won't stay the same

Tonight I'll lay inside my bed
I'll shut you out, I'll fall asleep
She's in my dreams she's haunting me

The air that I exhale is never cold
The fractures that exist in my skull hurt
Your voicemails caress me but your voice still depresses me
And I won't care, still don't care if you're well.